BV-350 Solenoid Valve  2 PCS

Hydrogen cylinder 350 Bar,  V074H350G8  from DYNETEK  5 PCS

 Tescom 350 Bar in-line Regulator 1 PCS

 W EH 350 Bar Refueling Recepticle 1 PCS



 Dynetek cylinder assemblies and components. They are designed to be mounted permanently and to store gas under high pressures on-board vehicles or in stationary applications. The cylinders are constructed with a thin walled, seamless aluminum liner that is fully wrapped with a continuous filament made of carbon fiber in an epoxy reinforcing laminate. The information contained or disclosed in this document is to be used by or disclosed to any user, inspector or party involved with the products discussed within. The rights, obligations, and/or duties of the installer and/or customer and the liability of Dynetek Industries Ltd. are controlled exclusively by the original purchase agreement and limited warranty. Dynetek Industries Ltd. assumes no liability for errors or omissions in this document or for any damage that results from the incorrect use of this document.

Dynetek reserves the right to cancel, change, alter or add any parts and assemblies described in this manual without prior notice. 1.1 DOCUMENT SCOPE The purpose of this document is to describe the installation, operation and maintenance of Dynetek cylinder assemblies and components therein. The cylinder assembly is defined as a Dynecell Cylinder, labels, valve, endplug, pressure relief devices and mounting brackets. This is not a fuel system operation manual. If the fuel system integration is designed by Dynetek, a fuel system operation manual can be purchased and will detail all other components relevant to the system, such as tubing, fittings, regulators, valves, frame and electrical control. 1.2 BACKGROUND Dynetek Industries Ltd. designs and manufactures compressed gas fuel storage cylinders in Calgary, Alberta, Canada along with its subsidiary in Ratingen, Germany. In addition to cylinders,

Dynetek also designs and supplies complete fuel storage systems equipped with cylinders, valves, pressure relief devices and other accessories as turnkey, drop-in-place solutions. For queries relating to the content of this manual or the correct application of Dynetek cylinders please contact:

DYNETEK INDUSTRIES LTD. 4410 46th Ave SE Calgary, AB T2B 3N7

Canada 1-403-720-0262 or Toll-free within North America 1-888-396-3835 website: / 



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 1 - BV-350 Solenoid Valve  2 PCS

 2 - Hydrogen cylinder 350 Bar,  V074H350G8  from DYNETEK  5 PCS

 3 - Tescom 350 Bar in-line Regulator 1 PCS

 4 - W EH 350 Bar Refueling Recepticle 1 PCS