History Behind THE iEV


Inventor of the world's first Intelligent Electric Vehicle 2001

The spark of the idea for sustainable energy and transportation systems came to him in 1999. The idea was founded on altruistic and humanitarian concerns. Studying on matters such as global warming and the impact of human actions on earth’s resources, he felt the life-threatening danger towards human health and life on our planet.

Energy and transportation systems are key players regarding this problem, especially when taking into consideration that during the last 100 years energies from fossil fuels, most significantly from oil, have become the main source of energy in the transportation system and have caused irreversible damage to the environment on Earth.

Electrical vehicles, even after one century of development, still have a number of problems and cannot be considered a long-term alternative to replacing fossil-fuelled energy vehicles. While the first electric cars were invented between 1832 and 1839, what distinguished Arian’s car from other electric vehicles was the intelligent Electric Vehicles (iEV) and the Intelligent Charge stations (ICS) exchanging data information which would lead to a charging system capable of delivering the required energy to the vehicle in 2-15 minutes in a completely fully robotic mechanism. The first iEV used two methods to reach its goal of providing energy within its desired time:

In the year of 2001, The iEV came up with a new innovation to resolve these disadvantages: Intelligent Commuter System.


The first Intelligent Electric Vehicle iEV 792

The first Intelligent Electric Vehicle ARYANA 792 came with two methods to reach its goal of providing energy within its desired time:

1- Robotic exchange Battery system in 2 minutes.

2- Robotic Charging System in 5-15 minutes.

Thus, the biggest disadvantages of electric vehicles, which have long been battery charging, and the old manual Plug-in system were overcome.

Arian designed and made the first Intelligent Electric Vehicle with Robotic Charge Station in his factory in Iran and had them registered with four patents at the Iranian Patent Office in 2003. This was at a time when smartphones did not even exist and Tesla was not yet established.

Then he ran the first conference of electric and hybrid electric cars in September 11, 2002 in Gilan, Iran and on September 18th in Tehran. After this event, he had a live interview with Iran TV national News network where he published and released his innovations and products of Intelligent electric vehicle (ARYANA 792) technology with Intelligent Charge Station.

He presented at the EVS20 conference in Long Beach, California in 2003, and later in more than 10 other international conferences in Australia, Monaco, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.


iEV 796 “Intelligent Electric Vehicle “

Melbourne Australia 2004

iEV 796, was the 2nd prototype with robotic Exchange Battery System and Robotic Charging System designed and built in 2004, and was presented as a lecture in the 21st Worldwide Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition held in Monaco, 2005

Jamshid Arian drove with iEV 796 from Melbourne to Ballard,  in Australia with one single charge in 2005, a distance of 220 Km.


iEV 800


iEV 800 was the 3rd prototype with Robotic Exchange Battery System and Robotic Charging System designed and built in Melbourne Australia 2006. Presented at the Sustainable Living Festival Melbourne Australia 2007 and presented as a lecture in AVERE European Association battery Hybrid & Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle 30 May 2007-Brussels Belgium and 86th European Motor Show. 


Current Affairs

TV show 9 News Australia 2006

Current Affairs –TV show 9 News Australia , after reviewing and producing a 2006 report, announced Jim Arian

  as inventor of first Intelligent Electric car in the world, 3 other interviews and further reports were released

 in Australian media. 


E4 Program



iEV Tigra Belgium

KHLim University Limburg - Belgium 2008


iEV OPEL TIGRA Bonn Germany 2009

iEV OPEL Tigra was presented as an idea and innovative product in AVERE International advanced mobility forum Geneva Motor show 2008 The first German Electric Vehicle congress, 16 -17 June 2009 in Bonn Germany, Driving to Bonn with iEV Opel with one single charge


Intelligent Charge Station

The first Intelligent Charge Station in Europe was established in Brussels-Belgium, in 2008-2009, as part of the E4 program.


iEV1 Taxi with the First Mobile Robotic Charging System

Green Pavilion 3-13 March 2011, Geneva

2nd iEV Taxi with the First Mobile Robotic Charging System Green Pavilion Exhibitor: iEV attended the Internal Advanced Mobility Forum, 3-13 March 2011, Geneva; with the iEV1 "Intelligent Electric Vehicle and Mobile Robotic Charge Station in 81st Geneva International Motor Show;  Press Conference Geneva Motor Show.” 


Better place and Renault in 2010 ! And

Tesla in 2013 USED

His ideas and inventions from

2010 !!!

They used exactly the same method in 2013, and today all automakers are looking for intelligent Robotic Exchange Battery and Charging systems . His ideas have registered patents in Iran and the final product was built, promoted and was presented in conferences in Iran in 2002, and from 2003 were presented in international conferences such as EVS20, Long Beach California.

Since Arian had already publicised his technology and products in international conferences, as the law stands, Better Place, Renault and Nissan and Tesla were not able to register these innovations or to patent them, as they were previously presented by Arian and were in the public domain.

According to the documents in existence for this technology, up to 2002, no other product in the entire world has been presented which has the two specific technologies of Robotic Charging System and Exchange Battery System under the name of intelligent electric vehicle and intelligent charging station. Today what is important to Arian is not his inventions, but what those products could do for people, the environment and our planet.


iEET Human Lifestyle

Today………………………………. having created 18 innovative products, having improved the technology with the objective of saving our Earth:

Seventeen years ago in 2002, on his first live interview on TV Arian talked about energy and its sources announcing that the world future transportation system was going to be 100% electric. He announced that hybrid cars were only a temporary solution, that hydrogen-run cars were too expensive and that hydrogen as an energy source is better utilised within charging stations.

He highlighted two specific technologies and method to overcome the main disadvantages of electric cars and had those patented. These technologies are now being used by all major car manufacturers and energy companies.

Similarly today he can envisage what would be man’s future needs in the next ten years, in particular with respect to energy and transportation systems. He can predict future human lifestyle and what needs to be done to to protect the environment and control global warming which is our biggest challenge on earth.

He has named this future vision and the fundamental idea “iEET Human Lifestyle” . He would like to share this vision with R & D institutions, with Governments and people around the world.


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