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The History behind T H E  i E V

The spark of the idea for sustainable energy and transportation systems came to him in 1999. As a result of his studies on matters such as global warming and the impact of human actions on earth’s resources, he found that there’s a life-threatening danger towards human health and human life on the future of planet Earth. Energy and transportation systems are key players to this issue, especially, when taking into consideration that during the last 100 years energies from fossil fuels, most significantly from oil, have become the main source of energy in the transportation system and have caused irreversible damage to the environment on Earth. 

Electrical vehicles, even after one century of development, still have numerous issues and cannot be considered a long-term alternative to replacing fossil fueled energy vehicles. Throughout history, electric cars have been known for their disadvantages: such as charging methods and their range. In the year of 2001, The iEV came up with a new innovation to resolve these disadvantages: Intelligent Commuter System.

His vision of the intelligent commuter system consisted of the Intelligent Electric Vehicle (iEV) and the Intelligent Charge station (ICS). His first product was the iEV 792 and its charging system developed in 2001. In his concept the iEV and its charge station would exchange data information which would lead to a charging system capable of delivering the required energy to the vehicle in three to five minutes in a completely robotic fashion. The iEV 792 ecosystem used two methods to reach its goal of providing energy within its desired time:

1-  Robotic exchange Battery system in 2-3 minutes.

2-  Robotic Charging System resulting in 80% 0f batteries charge in 5-15 minutes

He, for the first time, presented his idea and innovation product at live interview TV in 2002, conferences and symposiums such as EVS-20 California USA 2003 ;  that The Future is 100% Electric. Other alternatives such as the Hybrid car is a temporary solution for the market and Fuel Cell Cars are too expensive therefore the best solution to a sustainable future and the future of Transportation is iEV “ Intelligent Electric Vehicle “.

He also announced in Current Affairs program at SBS TV in Melbourne Australia as the pioneer of intelligent electric vehicles in 2006. 

Today after eighteen years of research and Development, with more then 16 innovative products to improve the principal idea and invention in order to save our Earth, he has constructed and used all his ideas into one innovation in one multipurpose machine series named: iEV X Series

iEV X Series was developed to find a solution to the future of transportation due to issues we have Today in climate change, traffic, sustainability, and efficiency. Although electric cars are popular nowadays and are no longer treated as an unbelievable concept, they still have some disadvantages to this day. These include such as the use of lithium-ion batteries for long distances. Due to limitations of lithium deposits in the world this is not a long term solution for the future of electric vehicles. On the other hand, in cities like New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Shanghai with the exception of the problem of air pollution, traffic and parking there is also a serious problem for the future of urban transport.

Therefore, our principal goal is to step towards a future where the Evolution of Mobility is a Sustainable Transportation System that won’t have these problems.

iEV X Series is an idea that we developed for this ideal future: Intelligent, Integration, Energy, Environment and Lifestyle are all elements of the iEV X Series. Consisting of a Smart Systematic Integration between Sustainable Energy, Transportation system and Human lifestyle.

A new machine that not only solves these problems but also with multi-purpose applications change the human behavior and lifestyle. iEV X series is protected with two European Design Patents (15/01/2015 iEV Robotic Charging Station), European Design Patent (15/01/2015 iEV ROBOT) and pending utility patent 2018.

Knowing that as times change, transportation also needs a change

iEV1 GmbH has been developing new forms of transportation which have increased flexibility for personal mobility, allowing new levels of fun and freedom of travel, while also being 100% environmentally friendly and aware. An ultra compact 4-wheel iEV developed based on the theme of compactness and enjoyable mobility.


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