Marketing Strategy

Hello to all,

What we learned from Kickstarter is that WE worked more than 5 years to create and develop the iEV X, without any investment in marketing on our innovative product. With this in mind once we introduced it to the public, we got more than 150 Articles, news and even Tv programs talking about the iEV X in the matter of weeks in Germany and 40 other countries like Japan, USA, China, Italy, France, etc.

We were convinced that with all of this support, our message has been spread and we can continue our movement towards a clean future of mobility while changing human lifestyle.

Although, we also know the disadvantages we have come across on our failure to reach our goal in KickStarter such as marketing, as we didn't invest in marketing experience and marketing strategy.

This is why we made a Marketing Strategy today:

1- We found agents for our product in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and USA and we are still in communication to find more agents to sell our products in Japan, China, etc.

2- We start again in Kickstarter in October after investment in marketing only for 7 days .

We start to make the iEV X Full Body plane molds in Germany and we are working to supply all the components and parts to manufacture the first 100 iEV X in 2019.

Our price is on an unbelievable standpoint specially for our first early bird customers starting from 1850 Euro only to the original price being 3850 Euro for the iEV X Model, Delivery time being October 2019.

Our costumers can make order online from our website or from kickstarter or via our agent we publish the name and address in our website soon, December 2018.

-The iEV Team