The Quality of finished products: The pictures and model representations of the vehicle are not the quality of the finishing product and are prototypes. The final product may vary in that it will consist of molding finishes and machine cut brushed aluminum. We Design and Manufacture the  iEV X series ourselves in Germany.

How is the iEV X, A vehicle of the Future?

After 18 years of research on the most ideal and sustainable solution to urban transportation, we discovered that we want to make a vehicle built for the future. We want something that saves the environment, saves space, and still is comfortable and safe! So we started with problems and found solutions. We made a vehicle that is 100% electric, changes size based on needs with a Robotic Flexible Body platform, and comfortable due to having a chassis, body, dashboard, and seat. We conducted a survey with friends, families, and strangers to see what was needed in an urban setting, what their vision of future transportation was and how we could make an idea closest to their imagination.

Families wanted room for their kids while also wanting space for parking, Teens wanted an affordable electric vehicle that protects them in the rain, Newly weds wanted something for the both of them to sit in and go have a drink at the busy bar in the city, and individuals wanted something that in this new upcoming minimalistic future of different aesthetics, technological development, and focus on sustainability, a flexible vehicle that only takes your space if you need it while saving the environment.

We know this is a challenge to change people's lifestyle. To take people out of their comfort zone, that's why we brought this product to KickStarter as some of the most talented and ambitious individuals strive to have an idea that's different and people will decide whether they want it to happen or not. We have this sort of idea and we need your utmost support to make it happen

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iEV X - A Vehicle that changes size based on your needs


iEV X  series is protected by two European Design Patents and pending utility patent(s) in 2018.

If you wish to manufacture or sell our product in your country please contact us.

Optional: iEV XX Robotic Charging System "iEV XX RCS” allows for the automated charging of the vehicle’s energy storage by establishing a connection between the iEV and iEV RCS Station.