iEV Robotic Charge Station Model iRCS 2  

No need to plug-in any more!.

The Original price is  €2,450 and Limited Early birds Discount is only  €1,650



Specification:iRCS 2


Robotic Charge Station Option only for Model iEV8 and iEV Mars

Voltage input : Europe 220-240/32A and (U.S./Canada 110-120 Volts) 

Amperage : 16 Amps Europe, Amperage : 30 Amps USA/Canada


Wi-Fi -enabled Intelligent electric vehicle (iEV) charging station  that allows residential owners to monitor and control usage remotely through a mobile or web app available for

free download Google Play Store.



Weight : 85 Kg

Dimensions : Length 180 cm ,Width  

55 cm ,Height 125 cm

Installation : 15 Minutes



THE  iEV  Robotic  Charge  Station  Model  iRCS2

No need to plug-in any more! You just park your Intelligent Personal Mobility and run the Robotic charging system via your smart phone and go, they find and join each other automatically to charge and communicate with your house or the Building (Energy Lifestyle)

An automated vehicle charging system, that may be done within a service type station, to provide for charging, recharging, or even discharging, of the batteries of an electric vehicle, and generally will include a dispenser, having a cabinet containing all of the instrumentation desired for furnishing the provision of current information relative to the charging of a vehicle, of otherwise, and will include boom means that are highly maneuverable, in order to bring the charging instrument into close proximity of the electrical receptacle of the vehicle being serviced, whether it be at a service type station, or at a curbside type of charging system. Robotics may be used within the structure of these electrical charging systems, to facilitate the charging of any vehicle, by the customer itself, even at a self service type of station