Leaders in Electric Vehicle Robotic Charging System

We have over 18 years of experience in the field of electric mobility, releasing and testing a variety of vehicles in various variations and  we are industry pioneers and leaders in EV robotic charging system.

 we install our first generation of robotic charging system in iEV 792 and presented innovation product at live interview TV in 2002, conferences and symposiums such as EVS-20 California USA 2003 ; 

 The iEV RCS  " Robotic Charging System" and iEV CWD "Charge while driving"  that is compatible with OEM electric and hybrid electric cars.


iEV XX  Robotic Charge Station  "iEV XX  RCS" 

Charging Method Plug-in: After more than 100 years still all electric car companies use the same method, called the plug-in charging system, like a vacuum cleaner and Why has the hand charge method of batteries not changed in more than one hundred years!
The downsides of the plug-in method are: 
1- It is not easy to use manual operation
2- The plug-in method takes more time depending on different environments and  condition.
3-  It is not safe in special climatic conditions such as rain and snow
4-  There is always an amount of wires laid on the ground, which  potentially can cause  problems
5- Plug-in method in a public space can be cut off by any person!

Today Charge your vehicle like the future wants it:
 - No wire
- No plug in
- All ROBOTIC with iEV RCS, iEV RCS " Robotic  Charging system"  allows for the automated charging of the vehicle’s energy storage by establishing a connection between the iEV X  and the Station.


Spec : iEV XX RCS


Robotic Charge Station Option only for Model iEV XX 

Voltage input : Europe 220-240/32A and (U.S./Canada 110-120 Volts) 

Amperage : 16 Amps Europe, Amperage : 30 Amps USA/Canada


Wi-Fi -enabled Intelligent electric vehicle (iEV) charging station  that allows residential owners to monitor and control usage remotely through a mobile or web app available for

free download Google Play Store.


iEV XX Lifestyle :  is a Smart Building Integration to Robotic connectivity with your home or public building or other iEV X+  to share energy .

Weight : 55 Kg

Dimensions : Length 180 cm ,Width  

55 cm ,Height 125 cm

Installation : 15 Minutes




 iEV XX Robotic  Charge  Station allows for the automated charging of the vehicle’s energy storage by establishing a connection between the iEV XX  and the Station.