i E V  Z

  2000 Km Range on a single charge

Option:  Charge While in Motion “iEV CWM“ Technology

  Intelligent robotic Charging System “iEV RCS" 

      Robotic Exchange Battery system “iEV REBS“    

 Smart Building Integration, Multi-Energy Lifestyle

A four-wheels Hybrid Powered Steering technology with Solar roof

iEV X is Custom Made.

Price starting from €875,000

delivery between 10-14 months

Model iEV Z  Specificaitions : 

Top speed  220 km/h

 Driving range ECO mode 1000 Km (120 km/h) Hypermiling mode (85 Wh/km) 1411 km

Optional: Charge While in Motion “iEV CWM“ Technology

 Optional: 15 kW/h Fuel Cell System from HYROGENICS - 700 Bar Hydrogen tank from DYNETEK INDUSTRIES, ECO mode range is 2000 km on a single charge and refuel Hydrogen Tank.

Battery energy content 120 kW/h lithium ion (450V)

Curb weight  1650 kg

Passengers  4


The iEV Z Series is Custom made and the specification and Futuristic technological features like speed and range can change following the customer's request