The Future is Here 

- Unbelievable 78 cm width 

- Carries 1-2 individuals 

- 6-7 times smaller than a car

- Powerful uphill and aerodynamic efficiency. 


iEV X Series Flexible Robotic Platform

Dimensions for 1 Passenger: Length: 160 cm, Width: 78 cm and Height: 135 cm  

Dimensions for 2 Passengers: Length robotically changes to 190 cm

Dimensions for more passengers/cargo: Length robotically changes from 190-220 cm

  •  In drive mode you are able to open the roof together with the door to a limited amount of 20 cm max for some fresh air. 
  •  iEV X Series can drive in motorbike or mobility line of the road. 
  •  Controlled via iEV X mobile application or from the dashboard (completely robotic). 
  •  The size could be changed to fit in more people, more stuff, and more air!