The Future is Here with the iEV X+

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The iEV X+ is the next step towards a sustainable revolutionary future where a clean and intelligent transportation system could be a reality. 

Introducing the iEV X Series - Futuristic Robotic Body Platform Designed Vehicle that changes size based on your needs. 

This new concept revolutionizes urban mobility in impeccable ways. Based on the future of urban transport, we have worked to ensure the next generation of vehicles’ performance consists of futuristic size, driving and environmental performance.We made a vehicle designed with a Flexible Robotic Platform where the size and capacity of the vehicle increases/decreases in a few seconds while being fully robotic.

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- Powerful Uphill: limited to 60 km/h depending on the standard regulations of each country

- Range: 120 km with a single charge due to solar and lithium battery powered energy

- The aerodynamic efficiency of iEV X  shape is air resistance to a minimum in order to save energy.


Price 8250 Euro

iEV X+ Specs.png