You are welcome to invest one of our extraordinary machine (Intelligent personal Mobility) Which Is an evolution of mobility in a sustainable transportation system.

With a sharp focus on transportation, energy and environmentfor the human lifestyle and recreational riders .iEV Vehicles are human machines that come with an impeccable signature design constructed with delicacy and attention to detail using futuristic elements and structures.Different technologies are featured throughout different iEV vehicles including: Charge while in Motion innovation Technology, Intelligent and Robotic Charge Station, and many more.With the new iEV vehiclesthe city life and urban experience will take a revolutionary futuristic turn. These vehicles strike the intelligence of having a mind of its own and allowing you, the driver, to live a sustainable, smart, fashionable lifestyle.





If you believe in our idea of the future of transportation being 100%  electric and you see how all automotive industrial and energy sectors currently are focusing on electric vehicles and renewablel energy today.

With the invention of the first Intelligent Electric Vehicle : IEV  in the world 15 years ago and further hope, inventions, ideas coming every year, we thrive for a sustainable future. This company needs your help to ensure this occurs.

So please allow me to share my latest innovative products  iEV XX  with you, which has the potential to be the main human machine for our mobility and transportation system in the next 15 years 

iEV XX  is an Intelligent personal Mobile Vehicle, an extraordinary machine where the size and emission changes in different conditions: like low-hi speed or in different locations for one, two, or  there passengers working completely by robotics. 
iEV XX  is an intelligent personal mobility vehicle which comes with solar and human energy with Lithium ion Batteries.
iEV XX  is a machine that does not need to be plugged in anymore,  all in an intelligent and robotic system. Robotic Charging System environment.
iEV XX  is a machine that comes with with: Smart  Building Integration system to connect to your house, office or other public building.

iEV XX  is a machine that comes  with Smartphone  application ( iEV APP ) for monitoring and controlling the Energy, speed, and with the ability to change the Size and dimension of                 machine or opening the doors while having an integrated Global Tracking Device GSM GPRS GPS system.                                                                                                       iEV XX  machine comes with charge while in motion technology and four wheels steering ( Joystick Control ) in a special model.

On top of all this is the price, starting from only 1850 Euro to 6750 Euro with minimum 40%-60% profit margin depending on the Quantity and manufacturing location.

Are you interested in investing now ?  Please complete the form below. 

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Investor Terms & Conditions : The first Generation of iEV XX is designed and developed in 2012 in Brussels Belgium and later on we made all the body plan moulds and complete the product in our Company iEV1 GmbH in Germany , please find the specifications, photo and video in on our website (product registered with two European patent design). However the iEV XX, new Generation is fully confidential product, the investor with minimum of one million Euro investment interested to have more information must sign the NDA. *