New Generation from HYDROGENICS HYPM HD 12 NG ( NEW )


New Generation from HYDROGENICS HYPM HD 12 NG ( NEW )

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Standard Fuel Cell Power Module (FCPM) HyPM HD 12 from HYROGENICS the original price 47000 Euro and Discount price  is for Only 28,500 Euro

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The power of Hydrogenics expertise is that we consistently deliver value for the kinds of customers we work with – primarily OEMs and system integrators - whose needs typically differ from those experienced by large or mass market needs. This fact has always driven us to rst understand what is important to our potential markets so that we can then create the hydrogen solution that is superior to any conventional solution.

As a result we have honed a high performance power module platform that adapts to a wide range of customer needs and applications. At the same time this common platform enables us to manufacture product in quantities that are economically feasible for everyone. That’s the power of expertise.

Our Quality Priority

Only the highest quality manufacturing standards result in a top quality product. Manufacturing of the HyPM is done in several stages each of which ends in a quality monitor or “gate”. No HyPM moves to it’s next stage without sign- off from our quality personnel. Every HyPM that leaves the factory has been tested over its full operating range. Hydrogenics complies with ISO 9001 and it’s HyPM products are designed to meet all applicable world engineering codes and standards, including CE, ROHS, UL/CSA, ASME and relevant components of NEBS.