1.    Scope 
The terms and conditions of this document are applicable to all purchases made or are to be made by the customer/client for any iEV1 GmbH good(s) and service(s).

2.    Orders
Any order of purchase submitted is subject to the acceptance of iEV1 GmbH. Once the order has been accepted by iEV1 GmbH by way of a confirmation communicated to the customer/client then the agreement is concluded. iEV1 GmbH reserves the right to reject any purchase orders in its entirety or part.

3.    Price & Payment

The prices that have been indicated by iEV1 GmbH exclude VAT, State and local sales and use taxes. The client is responsible for any tax by its local authorities. Shipping and handling prices are also not included in the prices indicated by iEV1 GmbH and will be included additionally to the price of the good(s)

4.    Delivery and risk of loss

iEV1 GmbH will deliver good(s) either to the customer/client’s delivery address or electronically. The risk of damage or loss to the good(s) lies with the customer/client the moment the good(s) has left the storage facilities of iEV1 GmbH. If the client has refused or neglected the delivery iEV1 GmbH shall reserve the right to charge the full sum of the value of the good(s). If the wrong good(s) has/have been delivered as a result of neglect on behalf of iEV1 GmbH it shall be returned to iEV1 GmbH at no expense.

5.    Return Policy

If a customer/client has chosen to return the good(s) they have purchased, they should contact iev1GmbH through relevant channels within 10 days of receiving the good(s). iEV1 GmbH will provide the customer/client with relevant instructions with regards to packing, handling, conditions, and shipping of the good(s). iEV1 GmbH will not issue refunds if the request for the return of the good(s) is made more than 10 days of receiving the good(s).  iEV1 will only accept the return of a good(s) it has sold to the customer/client and not good(s) that have been sold through a reseller. Once the good(s) have been received by iEV1 upon the return of the customer/client, iEV1 GmbH will conduct a thorough examination of the good(s). If the good(s) are improperly packaged, altered, incomplete, or damaged iEV1 GmbH retains the right to reject the return of the good(s). All shipping costs relating to the refund are to be burdened by the customer/client.

If the good(s) have not been opened, unpacked, iEV1 GmbH will refund the purchase price paid excluding the shipping and handling costs for a maximum of 30 days. If the packaging has been opened or unpacked then iEV1 GmbH retains the right to withhold a refund. Nor will iEV1 GmbH issue a refund for the good(s) that has been used, tampered, altered, used or damaged in any way.

6.    Licenses, Copyright & Confidentiality

iEV1 GmbH may provide software to improve the experience of the customer/client. iEV1 GmbH reserves the right to discontinue updates, upgrades and supplementary services to the software, content or service.


Thank you for your interest in the good(s) and services of iEV1 GmbH.
This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased
from iEV1 GmbH the iEV X.

This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use
during the Warranty Period of 2 years.

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or if any components are modified, opened or repaired by someone (legal or natural person) that has not been authorized by iEV1 GmbH. This warranty also does not cover any damage or issues caused by misuse of iEV1 GmbH goods. 

During the Warranty Period, the Hardware will be repaired or replaced by iEV1 GmbH free of charge for the aforementioned damage(s)/defect(s) relating to the material or workmanship of the goods under normal use subject to the aforementioned and following conditions that are not covered under this warranty:

-    Damage(s)/defect(s) that are the indirect consequences of any fault;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by the willful or deliberate improper act of the customer/consumer;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) resulting from poor vehicle maintenance, rough, improper or careless treatment of the vehicle;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) relating to the battery;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by the battery wear;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused without due regard to instructions laid down in the owner’s manual(s);
-    The use of any parts that have not been certified by iEV1 GmbH resulting in the Damage(s)/defect(s);
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by fire or natural calamity;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) resulting from battery leakage, broken display(s), or key(s);
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) relating to “consumables” such as tires;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) as a result of shipping;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by the use of 3rd party hardware or software;
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by external influences including unusual physical or electrical stress (inrush current, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage, power failure surges etc.);
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by the change, update or renewal of national/international regulation(s)
-    Damage(s)/defect(s) caused by misuse, moisture, liquids, proximity or exposure to heat and accident, abuse, non-compliance with the instructions supplied with the good(s), neglect or misapplication.

In order to claim warranty of a damage(s)/defect(s) subject to the aforementioned conditions, the customer/client should first contact iEV1 GmbH and explain in depth the concerns they have with regards to the good(s). Documentation and proof must be presented to show that the customer/client is in fact the purchaser of the good(s). No one other than the customer/client who has purchased the good(s) from iEV1 may make a warranty claim. The client may after contacting iEV1 GmbH be instructed to return the good(s) to iEV1 GmbH for assessment of the damage(s)/defect(s) and weather said damage(s)/defect(s) would fall under this warranty. The communicated procedures should be followed by the client in order to fulfill a warranty claim.

8.    Third-Party Rights

Third parties may not derive any rights from these terms and conditions. Nor may third parties rely on these terms and conditions.

9.    Limitation of liability

iEV1 and its suppliers are not liable to the customer/client/third parties for any indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, special, exemplary damages, including the inability to use the product, loss of data, loss of business, loss of profits, hinderance to business or similar losses/damages arising from the inability of the customer/client to use the good(s).

10.    Force Majeure

The definition of ‘force majeure’ in these terms and conditions is circumstances that impede the fulfillment of iEV1 GmbH’s obligations under these terms and conditions which are not within the reasonable control of iEV1 GmbH. This may include later or delayed deliveries, incomplete deliveries, or any other circumstances that could not have been reasonably foreseen. If the conditions of the aforementioned force majeure result in the inability of iEV1 GmbH to fulfill its obligations because of the force majeure, all obligations between iEV1 GmbH and the parties to these terms and conditions are deemed to be terminated. Termination of obligations as a result of force majeure results in no further obligations, this includes the obligation to pay any compensation whatsoever arising out of or in connection with that dissolution.

11.    Survival
These terms and conditions shall continue to persist beyond the termination or expiration of any sale or purchase of any good(s) produced by iEV1 GmbH.

12.    Severability
In any provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed to be null or void other provisions of these terms and conditions shall apply and have full effect. Any new term or conditions should be interpreted as closely as possible to these original terms and conditions.

13.    Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any disputes in relation to these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Germany.